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Estate Profile & Cashflow Worksheet
We use this worksheet to collect important information about your assets, debt, income and expenses. These numbers help us to build comprehensive financial plans based on your specific situation.

Roth IRA Analysis
The Roth IRA conversion strategy can save you tax costs without increasing risk to your financial plan. This report helps us to determine if a conversion might be appropriate for you.

PRL Company Overview Brochure
This brochure provides additional information about our company history, experience, fee structure, affiliations, and services. 

Social Security Benefits Estimator
A thoughtful social security strategy is integral to maximizing income in your retirement years. This report helps us to measure the effects of income timing and the breakeven points of your options.


Our state-of-the-art software program organizes your entire financial picture in a secure and centralized system. This web based tool consolidates all your important numbers, makes them visible and keeps them current every day. With a clear understanding of your financial picture we can make better informed decisions.


What is a Trust?
A trust is important to protect your estate and direct the distribution and use of your assets as they are passed to heirs. This video describes the basic benefits of a trust and how they are structured.

Decision Center Introduction
We use a planning tool to measure the impact of your financial decisions and how they affect your big picture. We can quantify all your “what if” questions and create a combination of scenarios that work.

The Ultimate Dress Rehearsal
You have several trusted advisors that guide you in financial, legal and tax issues. The Ultimate Dress Rehearsal brings your advisors to one table to discuss how to manage significant life events before they happen.

Legacy Planning
Legacy planning is about extending the impact of your wealth to multiple generations. Creative gifting strategies can benefit your loved ones and favorite charities. 

eMoney Security Overview
Our money organizer software takes your security seriously. We use multiple layers of encryption protection using military grade specifications. Learn more about the security of your numbers in this video.